People Inc Client Testimonials

We initially turned to People Inc due to our positive past experiences with their recruiting services. The impact on our business has been nothing short of remarkable. Our workforce, including a team of skilled Filipino migrant workers, has become more reliable, happier, and more willing to work, resulting in an incredible improvement in attendance and overall morale.

Before engaging with People Inc, we faced significant challenges related to a prevailing culture of unreliability, dissatisfaction, and unhealthy behaviours among our workforce. Since partnering with People Inc, these issues have diminished, and we’ve witnessed a positive transformation in our company culture.

People Inc not only met but exceeded our expectations. As someone unfamiliar with the intricacies of the field, the learning curve was substantial. However, the team at People Inc provided invaluable guidance and support, holding our hand through the process.

The customer service experience has been very good overall. While there were minor communication hiccups that were mostly attributable to our own oversight, the overall journey has been positive. What sets People Inc apart is their ease of communication, making the entire process seamless. Having a dedicated contact and a personal touch has been instrumental in fostering a strong working relationship.

One of the standout aspects of working with People Inc is their commitment to the well-being of our workforce. The proactive approach to pastoral care for our Filipino employees demonstrates a genuine concern for their welfare, and this has been a significant relief for us as employers.

We wholeheartedly recommend People Inc to others seeking reliable and effective workforce solutions. Their professionalism, personalized approach, and commitment to positive outcomes have made a substantial impact on our company. We appreciate the in-person engagement, which not only reassured us but also had a positive effect on our team. Overall, our experience with People Inc has been incredibly positive and has undeniably contributed to the success and well-being of our company.

Graeme Walton

Director, Streamline

We have worked with People Inc on a number of occasions, and it has always been a positive experience for us. The whole process is seamless, with regular communication from the team right from start to finish. They deal with the initial applicant screening and setting up of interviews with our team through to dealing with the various government agencies.

RecruitNZ and People Inc take real care about the placement of each individual, ensuring that both parties are the right fit for each other. This has resulted in us gaining employees who have fitted seamlessly into our team and are aligned to our purpose and values. The post placement follow up and support the team provide to both the employee and the business is fantastic!

I would highly recommend RecruitNZ and People Inc to any other employer for their recruiting needs.

Ashleigh Ludemann

People & Culture Lead, Te Pari Products

Working with People Inc has been a profoundly positive experience from the very outset. Right from our initial interactions, their solution-focused approach was readily apparent, as they promptly responded to all our inquiries with a sense of urgency and attentiveness. Throughout our collaboration, their dedication to providing professional advice and strategic guidance was evident, empowering us to make well-informed decisions that aligned with our company’s goals and values.

What truly distinguishes People Inc is their relentless commitment to ensuring the successful conclusion of projects. It is evident that they genuinely care about our company’s progress and prosperity, going the extra mile to steer each endeavour towards a successful outcome.

We have partnered with People Inc for national recruitment, migrant recruitment, immigration services, and on-going HR consulting.

Without reservation, we wholeheartedly endorse People Inc to any business seeking a partner that epitomizes reliability, excellence, and professionalism. Their exceptional service consistently surpasses expectations, making them a standout choice in the industry. Partnering with People Inc has proven to be a wise and rewarding decision, and we look forward to many more successful ventures with them in the future.

Nick Suckling

Shade Systems

After chatting with a previous client of RecruitNZ, they recommended we use you to bring in much needed labour from the Philippines, as they had done the same previously.

We ended up working with you to bring in two new staff members and the whole process, from the beginning to the end, went mostly seamlessly. The only issue we had was the first person to be vetted ended up having an unforeseen medical problem that stopped him from emigrating. No one could have foreseen this.

From then on, things moved along smartly and efficiently, all your staff were great: very informed, and communicated with us well.

The two new team members have been brilliant: the vetting process ensured we got the right guys for the job. From day one, they clicked with the existing staff and have made a very positive impact on our business.

Before we engaged People Inc and RecruitNZ, we could not find any New Zealanders to fill the role: we advertised solidly for six months.

RecruitNZ has met our expectations and more: great staff, great communication, and awesome resources to help us get through the process.

We ended up with two really valued team members: they are very happy with us, and they have exceeded our expectations.

We will recommend People Inc and have already done so to other businesses that were in the same situation as us.

Chris Lodge

Total Marine Services Limited

We had been thinking about recruiting workers from overseas for some time but were reluctant, as we did not know what would be involved. Partnering with People Inc was the best decision we made when we finally decided to recruit. The process was seamless from the start, we now have four very capable workers who have fit into our business with ease.

People Inc really do care about the placement of workers and want to make sure the fit works well for both parties. We highly recommend People Inc and will continue to partner with them to find more candidates as we increase our numbers in the future.

Stephanie Olsen

General Manager, Site Weld NZ Ltd